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  1. Has yellowish bananas coming out as preflowers. There are no hairs and the seeds are feminized
  2. picture?
  3. yea a pic is really needed, but bananas sounds like possible hermie, especially if it was from fem is, usually if theres an issue with a fem seed its that it is or turns hermie
  4. Pics Its Barneys Farm LSD in FFOF.

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  5. no IMO i dont see any male parts(balls etc) but at the same time i dont see any signs of female, may jus be my shit eyes, but id say its not showing sex yet as its too early, how old is the plant? is it in flowering?
  6. i dont see any male parts either. i guess we just wait and see..
  7. he probably saw the stipules (i believe thats what theyre called) and thought they were male preflowers.

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