Male plant? (pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HighOnTheHill, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Not really sure. The 1st one looks like a pollen sack developing, but the 2nd looks like it could be about ready to spout pistils. They're from the same plant.



    Couldn't thumbnail then because I already have them uploaded on my grow journal.
  2. too early to tell. give it a day or two. hope its a girl.
  3. Sweet, that's what I thought too. Just thought I'd run it by all of you guys. I figured GC has quite a bit of growing experience ;)

    Pretty much any problem my FIRST solution is to take a pic and post it. Then I start looking for my own solutions. Been about 24 hours and still nothing helpful from the plant.
  4. Not to be negative but I normally see a pistil begging to come out of my girls and little balls on males but good luck with a female!
  5. It's cool, I know what you're saying man. It just kinda looks like to me that in the 2nd pic that "ball" doesn't look like a ball, it looks like it could be holding some pistils cuz of the shape of it I guess =/

    Either way, I wouldn't mind if it turned out to be male as long as the rest are fems =D

    I grew 10 plants with the hopes for 6 fems.

    2 were stunted in seedlings and JUST started growing, so they're quite a ways behind.

    1 was a male, that's gone.

    If this one is a male, it'll be gone, but then if any of my other 6 plants that weren't stunted turn male I'm gonna get shitty =D
  6. 1st picture definitely looks like a male to me, but you really can't be too sure it's a stamen and not just new leaf growth, give it a little while longer and you'll know more.. female plants normally shoot their 2 white pistils quite quickly and once they show they are easier to tell.. males take a little more time to be positive and you kind of want to wait until you're positive on it before you go pulling it out :) Good luck
  7. It does seem a lil early to make a definate decision.. but, you should be able to tell a lot more in a few more days.

    G/L! I hope you get lots of Femjoy! ;)
  8. Too early to tell. In a few more days you will know.

  9. First pic looks like a male to me, but because of the size, it could easily be new growth. Second is definatley new growth. Good luck man. I hope she's a girl :)
  10. not to be a buzzkill but looks like your gonna have some balls pop out soon


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