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  1. Just wondering what if anything can you do with a male plant apart from use it to pollinate the female for seeds, just really wanna no if male plants grow bud or not and if you can smoke it, if not can they be used for owt good or just chop em down and bin em.

    Hope this is correct section to ask in, thanx in advance
  2. i dont believe they produce enough thc to even make hash out of the waste plant material. just burn em or bury em
  3. The hash you will get is so weak and can give a really bad headache too so. Yea burn, bury or pollinate.
  4. but do you still get bud out of a male plant? will it get you high if you smoke it?
  5. No, you don't get "bud." There's not a heck of a lot you can do with it other than make rope. There are those who say you can make hash with it, but that's bullshit. Like Whywaitforit says, any hash you got (little to none) wouldn't be worth shit.
  6. Burn Bury Polinate ^_^

    The Duck.
  7. some male leafs' a lot better than nothing 2 smoke....huhhh:smoke:!!
  8. my males were really sticky actually. i am going to be making hash with them on tuesday.
  9. when should i harvest the males for anything? before they release pollen? before the seeds mature fully? any advice please would be nice!
  10. Males should be remove as soon as they are identified.
  11. i strongly disagree, id rather be sober than smoke an have a huge headache. dont smoke leaves whether its male or female, make hash out of female leaves :)

    male plants dont produce any thc because they dont produce any buds, they just produce pods which doesnt have thc if your wondering. the part of the plant that produces thc are the buds, so only females produce thc. the leaves of a female plant have very little thc, but it can be extracted from makin hash.

    get rid of males!
  12. You can dry the leaves and smoke them in joints and get high, not the same high but pretty enjoyable

  13. fat blunts is what i recommend.
  14. just blaze up, go on a walk somewhere secluded, drop the male seeds wherever and let them grow in the wild.

  15. What? I think it's a little late to be starting this season... And then how would you find them again? lol
  16. do males produce seeds someone keeps telling me this but i dont bleive them because a female has to be pollentated to get seeds....right ??
  17. I used to think the same thing untill I read this post a few days ago....

    Male Cannabutter

  18. you cant tell which seeds are male


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