male or hermi?

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  1. So I'm 5days into flowering, looks like my main plant is a dude. There's a bunch of little balls forming at the nodes,

    But since I only grew 2 plants, I'd be happy with a hermie at this point, 11weeks and a couple hundred bucks,

    So how can you tell if its a hermi or just straight male?
  2. Is there thin little green pistils alongside the balls as such? [​IMG]

    Or any of these:

    Hermies can show at many different times in the grow, it depends on the plants genetics. Some show hermie signs early as in those pictures up there. Others take until late into flower to see.
  3. It looks exactly like the picture you posted, is that a hermi or male?
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    If it looks like the picture in the ic link, it is hermaphroditic. You can clearly see the stigmas in the flower tip and the male flower is in the lower node. Stigmas are white, stipules
    (which are not parts of the sexual flower, and have nothing to do with the sex of the flower) are green.
  5. No I mean the picture posted here, not the link,

    Their were preflowers in veg, didn't know if male or female, but now it exactly looks like the picture showef
  6. I dont see one pistol.Its male
  7. It would be much easier to tell if you would show a picture of your plant. How do you expect an answer if we can't see the plant.

  8. Those pictures I posted are hermies.
  9. Because the only camera I have is my phone, which sucks.

    But it looks EXACTLY like the picture posted, bunch of little green balls when Green shoots coming out, that picture may aswell be my plant

  10. Then you definitely got a hermie, you will still get bud at least, just may be very seedy. It depends I've got weed plenty of times that was clearly hermied and there wasn't too many seeds. Good strains won't get too heavy on the seeds.
  11. hemi but its too early to have a the male flowers in them i say u could bud them if it was late in the flowering stage but its not so snip snip snip man sorry i had a hemi once or 2ce but they came late in the flowering stage so i was good but in ur case sorry try again and watch ur heat, exhuast, and make sure once its lights out its light out no light and you might have beter luck next time bud
  12. It was under my understanding that hermis produced bud? But I'm 11-12 weeks in, I'd rather come out with some seedy ass bud then absolutely none, it should only be another 3 weeks to start budding somewhat, no?

    Or are you saying that this is a male hermi, vs a female herm?

    There were some preflowers that showed up like a month ago,

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