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  1. Hello growers!

    One of my beans is looking like a male. Put to bed on 7/20 here it is 8/12. Not a lot of time for a plant to show its sex but take a look and let me know. I can't believe that it sexed at such a short period of time. Usually it takes a bit longer. Lighting is 18/6 FF soil and cfl lights.

    Appreciate your feed back


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  2. Well thats what I thought but the short period of time "confooseled me". I have three other females growing in the same closet and from the beginning something was a little different in the growth of the plant............... All my previous grows were female and this is the first male that I have seen in my grows. Lucky I guess.

    I am dealing with high temps (mid -80-s) and it might be something to remember. Right off the top of my noodle; If the seedlilng is stress with temps is the sex revealed
    early? 23 days into the grow and Bang. Better early than late.


  3. Gently put a trash bag over it, then move it out of the grow space and kill it. You don't want to shake any pollen loose in the grow space. It may have spooged some already.

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