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  1. Hello,
    Small personal grow, only two plants of bag-weed. No idea what strain. They are under a CFL 24/7, for about the past 45 days. One of them is starting to have pre-flowers though, and I wanted to see if I could get some help sexing it

    Thank you!

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  2. Opps, should I post this in the sticky above?
  3. What you a took a picture of shows both on male and female plants. You will not be able to tell sex until you are in flowering.
  4. rhapsodyrcks, so the growth between the stipules and new stem is common to both male and female?

    thanks skunky monkey!
  5. Yuppers. they all have that. Then if its a girl white pistils will grow out. If its a boy you get little sacs. Either way other then a genetic test theres no known way to sex other then when its in flowering.
  6. too young!
  7. good to know its too young, I am leaving for a trip in two weeks for two weeks, so I hope to keep them in veg until later august when I return home!

    Is 70ish (I forgot when I germinated them) too old to start flowering (if there even is such a thing as too old)? Since I don't know the strain, I know that is a difficult question...

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