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  1. Okay, I'm doing some geneology in my spare time and I have someone born in my family in 1862 who was named "Marion". Any legitimate ideas as to whether this would have been a male or female name back then?
    I'm leaning more towards male, but not sure.
  2. Wasnt that the name of the girlfriend on requiem for a dream?
  3. Yeah it was.
  4. but it's also John Wayne's legal name.

  5. I know several men named Marion, actually more men then women:D:smoke:
  6. no spouse, just a first name and a birth date.
  7. like that rapper O marion
  8. ahhhhhhh yes 1864 i remember those days. it was the dawn of a new decade and shit was gettin real.
    anyhow im pretty sure its a dudes name
  9. Exhume the corpse and - not sure where I'm going with this... dig it up anyways, it'll be fun
  10. how does anyone in your family not know? lol
  11. Female at a guess. It's not that uncommon as an English woman's name. I know several.

  12. It was also the name of that crackhead mayor of Washington DC

    (who was male)
  13. :laughing: Funny shit.

    Maybe cross-reference the name, see if you can find that relative in other records, try and find birth records or something that would state their gender.
  14. Find out their spouse's name if any, or barring that any documents referring to them as 'Aunt' or 'Uncle'. Back then male might be more likely.
  15. my grandma's name is marion, she was born in the '20s :confused_2:
  16. All the Marions i know are female.

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