male or female :(

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  1. i know this looks like a male but i want to make sure before i chop it down.

    yesterday my 24hour dark cycle ended and it looks like a male

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  2. I dont see anything indicating sex either way dude.
  3. I have no idea where you see its a male? I dont see any sex at all.
  4. those bumps in the nodes? No pistils at all, and just those
  5. yeah man I definately dont see any signs of sex yet. Give it a little more time
  6. I say give it a week or so, because I see no real indication at all, and maybe its too soon. As soon as there is more definite indications, let us know man!
  7. those bumps in the nodes are nothing
  8. ive been devestated lol. having this bad 'girl' for over a month under LST and it looking like a male
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    24 hour dark cycle.? ? ? ?

    like the one Batman rode ?

    I have 24 hour light cycles, during veg.
    then when I reduce the light to periods of < 8-10 hours, usually within a week I'll see plant sex.(kinky:))

    Your pics/plants don't show sex yet.

    just curious...
    how long was your veggie stage.

    what type of light are you using.

    how tall and wide are they.(average)

    grown from clone or seed ?

    what strain if known, or bagseed.

    how much space is being used for how many plants (1 foot square each...2 feet square each...etc.

    soil ? or hydro

    are you using any type of ph adjustment...or adding ferts ?

    nosey aren't I ? :p
  10. i had my plant in veg for about a month then i gave it 24hours of darkness then switched to 12/12. this is the first day after the 24/0. just afraid if i have a male because i will have to start all over :(

    about a month in veg
    150watt HPS
    6inches tall (lots of LST) but my lower branches are stretching like mad
    Northern Lights #5
    16 x 16 x 48 grow tent
    fox farm nutes
  11. UPDATE. found these 2 odd looking things

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  12. double click on the image to see the HD image. is that a male flower?
  13. You cant tell 100% but that looks like a pistil will sprout from that pod. I can always tell that a male sac has a stem from the sack to the stalk and a female pod will sit right on the stalk with no stem. male sacs resemble a claw and that looks more female but just be patient you will know in a few days tops.
  14. No you cant tell yet....
  15. that is some type of pre-flower. cant see if there is a stem from the pre-flower to the stalk. thats a male in that case.

    dont think you looked at the right picture. it was one of the ones at the bottom of the page. and yes there is def. something there other than 2 stipules (small spikey things from the node).
  16. I saw that one but you still cant tell for sure. There is no pistol or pollen sac. I like to know for a fact before I give an answer. And without seeing one of those two things I cant give any other answer but "you cant tell yet".
  17. Re: male or female new picks
    here are sum pics from my post for the same question.. before and afters
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i just copied and pasted a post i replyed to earlier with the same ??

    mine looked like that and this is what happened over the next few days
  18. yea man i had those little pods then hairs started coming out. and i think i see a pistil in the last pic.

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