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    I have a funny feeling a few are male but I really don't want to admit it to myself. Please reply with number and male or female. A few comments appreciated. Thanks
  2. Number 3 is a male for sure. When female plants first start flowering they aren't that bulky, they don't start to bulk up until the latter 2/3's of flowering.

    As for the rest, I really can't tell yet.

    Either way, sexing is NOT hard. When you see the flowers it is VERY easy to find what you need, once you realize what it is you are looking for. A female plant will have white pistils. They will be about an inch long, and are very easy to tell what they are. They look NOTHING like male parts.

    Male plants have little balls, and your third picture clearly shows that. Think of having a bunch of grapes on one vine, instead shrunk down to fit on your MJ plant. That's exactly what male parts look like.

    Sexing is not hard. You either have white hairs, which are clearly noticeable, or you have small grapes. Hairs = vagina, grapes = nutsack :).
  3. Damn. Number 3 is my biggest bushiest plant.

    I thought the balls form under the stems not on top?

  4. Nope, basically you have a nice cola of male parts starting up.

    Before you yank it though, take a nice good look at it, as your pictures aren't 100% clear.

    Are there any white hairs? Not green, not any other color clear, white hairs. If there are none, you got yourself a good looking male.

    Sadly, it does often seem that when you start from seeds, your best vegging plant, is always a male :(.
  5. I think 3 of my 5 are males... how much time do I have before the seeds start spreading?
  6. Try retaking your pictures closer to the nodes. From that far away it is very hard to tell.

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  7. This is so true from my experience also.
  8. 2,3,4,7, definitely males...
  9. [​IMG]


    Really gutted about the left plant. I only have 2 plants left, I hope they're female.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  10. LOVE THY MALE !;)

    I use to get upset as well, but then I viewed making bubble hash on You Tube.....took my males and followed the directions.

    The resulting buzz was better then that of your normal bud grow or purchase. It was amazing in taste, high and burning.

    I LOVE MALES as they will grow like a mother and give you great , and I mean great Hash....

    The procedure is simple, fun and does not require any special tools.....

    Buckets or bowls, strainers of different sizes, ice and a mixer....

    24 hours later....a bar of Hash with more THC content then your normal smoke.

    Try it....I understand that pulling the males from the room is essential, but if your females have already been "laid" and are showing seeds....keep the males in the room and grow them out.

    If the males have not yet done their thing then get them as big as possible, yank em and SAVE them.

    When you have all of your males out, and you are harvesting you females, save all males, leaves from females, stems, everything and make d''ll love it

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