male or female??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by happydude, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. hi all

    this is my 1st post here, and I have to admit I'm pretty clueless....

    I have a coupla clones of northern lights, both in vegging and about a foot or so tall at mo......

    They both look very healthy (I think!) but I was told when I got the clones that one was definitely female and the guy thought the other one was.......

    What's the most reliable way of telling m and f plants apart, and at what part of the growing process can u tell?

    Thanx in advance - totally stumped here!!
  2. Here is a pic of a male

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  3. And here is it's sister

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  4. thx for that mate

    much appreciated!
  5. the way u can tell if it is m or f is the f will hav white hairs and the m will be growing like grapes in little balls. you can tell this only wen u beggin flowering.
  6. heres a pic of a male dude

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  7. i hope thats a male and not a preflower cause mines lookin just like that except not as grown out you feel me kinda spaidish lookin can i make hash or anything with it?>
  8. HI
    yep you can make hash males contain thc as well.
    i make canabutter with mine(its easier than hash to make)first time i did i aet to much and was still stoned the next day heres a pic of my butter.

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  9. Thanx everyone for that

    The picture looks a lot clearer now....gonna put em into flowering soon so fingers crossed I have meself two lovely ladies to look after!!!!

  10. hey how do u make that butter stuff and is it nice??
  11. funy that i just put some on today and and was going to do a thread with pics on it for the city but didnt ,well ive only just put it on.
    bugger ive seen a thread on og of how to do it with pics the guy did it a little different to me but it gave you a good idea of wat to do but i cant find it.
  12. pretty much just look for ythe pistils
  13. iv seen the pix and noticed the differnce but the female has jus 2 lil things and the male has like 1 and a kind of ball thingy or can they change on type of weed or are they all relitivly the same
    thanx for your help.
  14. HI.
    and welcome to the coty.
    no it doesnt change what weed you got the male and female look the same.

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