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  1. I've brought a couple plants into the flowering state (12/12) for the first time, and I feel that I've identified the sex's correctly, but I wanted to pass it by you guys first before I destroy any males. Ive attached a couple pics, theyre not the best quality, but I couldn't get any better with my digital camera. Thanks

    ps. I does appear to be a group of grapes/pods, so Im guessing this is a male

    here is the closest unblurred view i could get

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  2. here is different view, from farther away

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  3. hey man,
    it's really hard to tell from the pics, but if you're seeing balls it's probably a boy.
    Here are a few pics that may help you figure it out-

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  4. Definitely a male.Looks very healthy.Good job and good luck finding some females.
  5. here's another-

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