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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Drucias, May 19, 2003.

  1. I have a plant that is about a month old. I noticed today at the nodes there are little things showing. Well they look a little like teardrops but i can not really make them out. I went to many sites and it was said that males and females look the same very very early on. And these things were not here yesterday!
    I can try to take some pics because i really need some help.
    Is it too early for this thing to start flowering? I have not even put it on a different light cycle. And most nodes havent even produced a second pair of leaves yet.
    But I also thought that they may just be some kind of old casing that the new node leaves left behind...
    And I also read that the white female hairs dont always show immediately
    and these things are very minute so i guess its a super pre flower lol......if any....ill try to post pics.....
  2. at first I thought those node leaves were male flowers but I opened them up with a fine point needle and saw nothing but leaves ( straining eyes very hard) They are just newly formed.
    It may be too early to tell if its male or female....dont yell at me pleeease:(:)...o but what i am looking at is that little dot that right there, which i have no clue what it is.......

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  3. from a different plant has 7 nodes......

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  4. its just now starting to make 7 lanced leaves proud:)

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  5. dunno hopefully its female buddy

    peace hoko keep us updated
  6. what do u guys think? Male, female?, should i wait a few more weeks...or is it even a preflower?????
  7. mmmm hard to tell, i'd wait another few days to fully determine, but it doesn't look good so far......i edited the pic a little to kinda help you know what to look for if it's a female.....not the best editing but hopefully you'll get the idea......if you get a white pistol emerging then it's female.....if however more pollen sacks is indeed a male........Peace out.......Sid

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  8. could be a hermie...
  9. it may just be some new growth....hard to tell from the pic.....but you say you haven't put the light's on 12/12 yet?......some strains can flower when they fell ready, but i doubt you've got one........just have to bide your time and wait, and yes it could allways run the risk of being a hermie......but like i said, hard to tell yet...........Peace out........Sid
  10. If i got a hermie that'd be so damn funny!
    HAH id keep it and just cut off the male flowers. My neighbor said he does not think its floweing (he grows weed too)
    thanks for the comments u guys!
    Man one of my seedlings has some big fat leaves! im excited heheh....

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