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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bongboybarber, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey if anyone could help me id be stoked i have 2 plants and i think one of them is male and the other female i have read that the female will produce 2 white hairs on the stem and the males will produce some balls looking things what i was wondering tho is how long can u leave it before i run the risk of turning my female into a hermi i got told to wait till the male flowers to make sure that it is a male thats why i ask i thought the flower would pollanate the female its my first grow so im still learning i tried taking pics but the zoom but wont focus on the stem. thanks GC
  2. DO NOT leave the males in there until the pollen sacks burst....whoever told you that needs to be slapped. Take them out once you see balls on em.
  3. sweet thanks dude im going to go pull him out now. do u know if the females produse any ball looking things if so is it more thne 1 ??
  4. females will only produce sacks if its been pollinated by a male, otherwise it should be pure sensi, some people end up with a seed or 2 tho.
  5. At times, new growth on an undetermined female plant can look alot like balls. If it is a male there will be two or more round or banana shaped sacks next to the two new growth shoots. Look in the stickies to see what Im talking about.

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