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Male or female

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  1. IMG_20190720_124312.jpg IMG_20190720_124319.jpg IMG_20190720_124312.jpg IMG_20190720_124010.jpg

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  2. Pics are very blurry... definitely a challenge to see any signs of males in there.
  3. Thanks I will get more
  4. If you're using a smartphone cam, instead of zooming in to take the pic, zoom all the way out and get the phone as close to the plant as you can while staying in focus, then crop the photo zoomed in afterwards.
    That tends to work best for me.
  5. Ok
  6. I didn't zoom in I was just close to the plant
  7. Ah, no problem... i was just assuming, since my pics turn out similarly when i try zooming in on my smartphone.
    Maybe someone might have better luck than me with the photos you've posted, and can identify any males but if you're able to get better pics, it would help.
    All the best!
  8. Okay
  9. IMG_20190720_184952.jpg IMG_20190720_184933.jpg IMG_20190720_184933.jpg IMG_20190720_184634.jpg
  10. still cant make out look like male but really cant be sure ..use these pictures to use and see if you can see any pistils ( white hairs female) or ( pollen pods/sacs male)..mac female-preflowers-cannabis-sm.jpg male-pollen-sacs-cannabis-sm.jpg

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