Male or Female?

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  1. plants just switching into flower not sure if male or female

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  2. Congratulations, it's a Girl!
    IT'S A GIRL.png
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  3. I don’t see it. I don’t have the greatest viz and I’m not disagreeing, I just don’t know. I cropped the pic to what I think is correct.

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  4. what about this i’m not sure either but looks like two pistols shooting out
  5. the attachment didn’t work but if you zoom in on middle picture looks like pistols to me
  6. Female

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  7. I circled the pistils in red. Yellow arrow is pointing at the calyx.
    1.jpeg 2.jpg
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  8. Thanks, that’s what I was looking at. Cool, I’m getting better at recognizing it.
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  9. any recommendations on what to do now?, the plants are growing outside and have pretty much been on cruise control haven’t given it anything but water so i plan on just keep up what i am doing. They are in ground too so i haven’t been feeding them any nutrients
  10. Def a girl, congratulations.

    I saw this on some today. grrr
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  11. that’s sucks man this is my first grow and so far 3/4 or all female 4th one yet to show and i grew from random seeds so i guess i’m just having some beginners luck lol

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