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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pain, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. i've beenr reading many guides on growing and boks. i've come across an intersting fact. it says that male or female plants both controin thc in some cases males had more then females. my question is does it matter if i grow a male or female plant. basicaly will both do "the job" (get me high)

    i will be planting seeds shortly in my new grow box. the box is only for 1 plant. so should i get a female in there or male. does it make a diff?
  2. females got muchos more THC as far as I know..go for the female.
  3. females are the only plants you should smoke. Male plants have barely any THC, and whatever you read is total bullshit. You can use the male leaves for hash, though.
  4. trash the males
  5. But you can get males that would be above average expectations, and youll never know until you smoke it!
    Im only growing 1 plant too, i want it to be female, but if its male im gonna let it grow cos its good practice since im a first timer.
    You never know until you try.

    PS> I could sell it to my buddys and they wouldnt know the difference, they dont even know plants can be male/female and herm's would just confuse em even

  6. yes males have the same THC and maybe even same %'s


    they have no weight to them...what u gonna smoke?

    females have the buds...thus the weight...thus are much more desireable
  7. males have far less thc then the females what would ya rather smoke buds or leaves. smoke a male plant not in this life time
  8. Never thought of that, I suppose you could make hash out of it or something.......
    What about herms? are they anygood either?
  9. dont waist important time space and elect on them
  10. i think maybe i drive cautiosly when im under the influence. and maybe females got more thc
  11. I'm gonna take one of my male plants when it's like 3 feet tall and plant it in someone's yard.
  12. who ever the not regusterd user is. lol im laughing my ass off i would pay to see the look on that persons face when they notice its there and know what it is. that gave me a good laugh just thinking about that thanx
  13. lol ya some person who you kno doesnt check around there yard alot so they dont notice it right away, but anyway im pretty sure males have more thc then femals in early veggin but this is because both plants have so little thc it dont really matter after that females have tons more, and also the weight thing . . .
  14. .. who the hell smokes a male plant? it doesnt have buds... so its shit :)))

    throw the males away as soon as you can I guess... (its doesnt show whitch plant is female or male for a while...)

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