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  1. Some guy told me my plants were all male. This is my first time growing so just want to know for sure. 20170822_232257.jpg
  2. I'm not experienced in knowing weather it's male or female but I know that you can't tell that earlier into growing that's all I know mate so whoever has told you that don't believe him atb B
  3. Thanks mate i did some research and it said if it starts growing little bud like leaves out of the stem it is male so i thought there might be some truth to what he was saying.
  4. Where you from mate? I've been growing for a while now but I've always seemed to get feminised seeds saves looking for males then as they are all females garunteed. The best way go about it is to search up on google what the age of your plant is and compare it to a female see if it looks similar, sometimes you wait forever for a response on this site, I not long ago joined and haven't really had much advice off anyone as they never reply lol
  5. That sucks that no one replies, you hit me up almost straight away and this is my first time posting. Good thinking though i will compare the plants to female ones of the same age. From Australia btw
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  6. Yeah cool I thought I'd help out seems as no one ever helps me lol atb buddy you can drop me a message anytime if your stuck with anything.
  7. Thanks mate for your help. I will
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  8. Need a close-up to tell. Please take some more pictures and if you have more than one plant, we will need to see the other plants in the same place. Right where the branches split apart from the main stem. The little growths there.[​IMG]
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  9. From what I can see it's too soon to tell sex. I would recommend getting your plant out of that cup and into it's permanent pot.
  10. it's way too early to tell. Don't take any more advice from that guy....he's just makin shit up.
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  11. And that guy doesn't sound like he knows anything. I'd ignore him too. Also, pre-flower (when the plant shows first sign of sex) can occur early on some plants especially if the light schedule is such that it allows it to happen early. Your plant does look really young but that doesn't mean you wouldn't have anything happening there except that I see a lot of vegetation happening. Check out this site and read about sexing your plants so it's not lost on you. I don't mean any disrespect when I say that. I hope this helps.

    Cannabis Pre-Flowers: How to Tell Sex in the Vegetative Stage | Grow Weed Easy
  12. Who ever told you that should stop giving advice on weed.
    There's no sign of any gender as of yet.

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