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  1. Hi all,
    Can someone please help me identify the sex of this plant?
    Looked for the sacks and thin white hairs but I couldn't tell for sure.
    The plant is 1m tall. Not sure how old.

    Can anyone tell the sex from the pics? Should I take more?


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  2. It's a female. The best pic proving it is the third one you posted. Up at the very top of the pic at a joint where a sprout goes off the stalk, there is a pistil. It looks a bit wilted or dry, but that's what you're looking for. By the time a plant is 2 months old, it will show sex in veg (8 weeks usually), by shooting out pistils (white on each side) of an intersection of the stalk and a shoot. In that same location, if it is a male, you will see the formation of pollen sacs which are very distinct and evident if you're looking in the right place. But you look down around the stalk of the plant, not at the tops to tell the sex. Google "sexing MJ plants" for some very clear images of what you look for when determining the sex. Hope this helps. TWW
  3. Thank you
  4. looks like mine did, very thin fan leafs, deep green, hopefully it will end up like this in a few weeks[​IMG]
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