male or female?

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  1. Hey guys! I started this baby's on a 12/12 schedule. But I can't really tell if their female or not! Lemme know what you guys think
  2. Pic??

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  3. Here are the pictures

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  4. It's kinda hard to tell them apart so soon . Best thing is to just buy clones .

  5. These are male pre flowers...see the little balls (pollen sacks) forming on sticks. You want to see 2 white pistils coming out of a kinda tear drop shaped pod in the nodes. The pod should be tight in the node not on a stick.
    I've read if you turn a plant to 12/12 before it has preflowered you still have to wait for pre flowers before it will flower. Pre flowering when I've grown seeds takes 6-7 weeks from germination.

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