Male or Female?

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  1. Seedlings been on 12/12 for about a week now its about 7 nodes tall and total age of about a month. any help is appreciated!


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    Male..  Sorry man but you can tell by the small ball-like bulbs.. 

    A female will always have two pistils (white crystal covered hairs)

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    Honestly though, its kind of hard to tell..  I wouldn't cull it just yet..  Give it another week and then repost if you want, Ill follow the post.
  4. Unfortunately the camera on my phone sucks and i couldnt take a closer more detailed look...closer towards the top it almost looks like a group of 2 or more thats a tale tale for male isnt it? 
  5. I cant call it... try n get a cleaner shot near the node
  6. Here's pic of a male so you can compare
  7. The ball looking thing doesnt stick out like that its pretty tight and tucked in but idk if thats becasue its so young or not...
  8. Like I said, I would wait another week and you will know for sure.  But generally speaking; females don't have balls.. lol.
  9. of course ;) appreciate your help!
  10. Not a problem, been there..

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