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  1. i started a few plants, but only one made it past a week or two old ( i wasn't trying too hard...). i put the one that's left into flowering two weeks ago yesterday, but i can't tell if it is male or female. i have grown before, and seen both male and female, but they were both obvious before two weeks had passed. there are definitely no pistils, but i think there may be some pollen sacs. what makes me unsure is what i think may be pollen sacs look exactly like the little things that pop up and sprout leaves. but i can't tell if i'm just being hopeful for a female or if it really is male. i took a few pictures, and hopefully they will be good enough.

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  2. also, on the tops (especially the main cola area) it looks like there may be bud about to grow. i can't really tell, though. if more pictures are needed, i can try to get better ones tonight when the lights come back on.
  3. Looks kinda like a male to me. Id wait about 3-5 days to be 100 percent tho.
  4. that's what i was afraid of. i am going to keep waiting. either way, i'm going to let it finish out since it is the only one there and just try to make some butter or something. but i'm still holding out a tiny bit of hope for female.
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    looks hermie to me.
  6. well, i would rather a hermie than full male so that is a little promising i guess... but i still want to hold out hope for female lol
  7. I would never rather a hermie than a male. Hermies make hermie seeds. Hermie seeds make hermie plants most of the time. Hermie plants ime have alsways resulted in hugely seeded plants.

    Gave a friend a plant thinking it was hermie, mere days after it showed balls. Turned out to be male and shocked me to find some seeds in my last grow. One of those bastard sacks mstve burst the first few days. Rage!
  8. Picture six is the best veiw. I'd say its too early, I think it look female though.
  9. Looks like its not even showing yet to me. Those look like they are just the nodes growin out from what I can see. Id keep flowering and post pics as it grows
  10. yeah the things on picture six are what i was referring to about maybe pollen sacs, but they look like new leaf sprouts

    they are very close up in the colas too, though, so that made me worry about them being male.

  11. i keep going back and forth between male, female, and not showing. this is frustrating, especially since the two or three times i have grown before, they all showed sex within the first week and a half, 2 weeks tops. but i'm trying to be patient lol.
  12. It's not showing sex yet. How old is the plant? Looks like more veg time to me, I see no calyx developement yet. Veg some more, you need to see preflowers.
  13. i don't remember exactly, but i started them either in late december or early january.

    and i thought that any time you put them in 12/12 it would start flowering automatically?
  14. No they have to reach a mature state before they can flower but if you have been vegging since January then you should be good to go with flowering.

    I would just keep it on 12/12 and wait, it should show very soon
  15. does it matter that i was on 24/0 for all of veg?
  16. lights came on about 45 minutes ago, but there is no noticeable difference still.
  17. well, i just checked again, and i think i can see some pistils on one of the tops, but i think it's too early to tell for sure. i tried getting a picture, but i can't really see it on the pictures. if it is, i should be able to get good pictures within the next couple of days.
  18. Female, the way to tell is at the joints, not so much the tops, def not male, maybe herm but my bets are on female, just keep a close eye
  19. I'd say it will show to be a female. What light cycle do you have it on at this time, what was it before and for how long. Females take longer to show their sex as the male pollen needs to be ready prior. Give it more time but if I had to bet an oz. I'd say it is a female.

  20. i vegged on 24/0 since sometime in january i think (may have been early december). i switched to 12/12 on march 9, so it has been just over 2 weeks.

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