Male or Female- Too Early to Tell?

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  1. I have two plants that started from seeds in mid March (medical bud, pretty sure they are both hybrids I just never wrote down the strains). I'm in SoCal so they have been enjoying the weather and lots of sun inside 10 gallon fabric pots... both have shown white hairs within about 1 month of being outside and I'm thinking they are females.

    Some things I read say it is too early to really know, other things say you can tell within a month or so... which is right?

    I'm not in a rush but after 2.5 months of vegetating I was hoping to know by now. Do I have to wait until they begin flowering to truly know? From the photos, what are your thoughts? Any other tips/feedback is appreciated!

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  2. those white hairs in picture 1 and 2 are pistils, meaning they are girls for sure.
  3. Your females are looking good. Them white hairs (pistils) are the female reproductive organs.
  4. You've got some nice looking daughters there.
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  5. that's what i thought, guess I was reading too many things! any way to tell if they are indica, sativa, or hybrids?
  6. thanks tokeacola, would you guess sativa? indica? hybrid?
  7. and they smell great! :love-m3j:
  8. The one on the left looks Sativa dominant, the one on the right looks Indica dominant.
    They're both Hybrids though.
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