Male or female? Purple stems?

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  1. First time grower here. This is an almost 2 month old trainwreak plant grown outdoors. Is this a female or male? I havent noticed any “balls” on them. But at the same time maybe my plants are far behind and not showing yet. Also why the purple stems? Using fox farms soil along with insecticide soaps for the mites and other critters. Also have been using a filter on the hose water to neutralize it. Thanks.

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  2. It looks a bit too soon to tell at least to me. I see what could be a calyx, but I don't see pistils emerging yet. Give them another week or so to be more certain. As far as the purple stems go, it's not that bad, but it could either mean it's a genetics thing or they have a bit of Magnesium deficiency going on. A bit of Cal-Mag should help with that. Just my take.
  3. Thank you so much. I was worried to add too many chemicals. I have the fox farms big grow fertilizer. Im gonna add half strength of that. Again, thanks
  4. You're welcome.

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