male or female? *poll*

Discussion in 'General' started by thisisnotreal, May 4, 2006.

  1. hello all, i'm bored at work and thought i would see how many of my fellow stoners are male or female, i'm assuimg most of the people on here are male, but maybe i'm in for a surprise!

  2. Im a male. I wouldnt expect a surprise, almost everyones a dude.
  3. My name is self-explanitory

    It's not Rasta_Woman.
  4. haha and somehow that would be pretty fucking funny
  5. um i have a penis...
  6. i would hope so!
  7. i have a penis AND two balls. :cool:
  8. I spit.

  9. DAMNIT you have balls also!? :mad:
  10. yeah, i saw em up on ebay for $5.99 with the "BUY IT NOW" option....i bought em right away. the seller fucked up tho, he was also shipping some food (which he was supposed to send with dry ice), but instead he sent my balls with dry ice. needless to say when i got my balls in the mail they were VERY cold and a little burned. its ok tho, cause they fit perfectly and im very happy with my purchase.
  11. there's way too much dick here
  12. Damn, fool - you got ripped off. I could have hooked you up with a fat sack for 3$. Hit me up when you are ever in need again.
  13. thanks motion....i doubt i will need em, but i have this friend named gia....err....Ron....she...uh..he might want em.

    is the s&h included in the $3?
  14. Nah fool - just for you. This is one is harvested from my personal field. I'd only go through the torture for your fine ass, no hermie.
  15. yea.....interesting....
  16. haha no women or trannys yet
  17. SEems like a susage fest in the city so far...
  18. Indeed it is. Where's B-Dub at?
  19. it's a weiner roast!
  20. I have a rather large penis and two balls. They're at work right now. :eek:
    :laughing: j/k.

    DH will be home later.
    I'm a chick.


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