male or female? (pictures)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ricshire7, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. im thinking this plant might be male, but it is hard to tell. should i kill it or give it some more time?

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  2. Can't tell yet.
  3. can't reallly tell but i would say it looks rather male to be perfectly honest..
    if i was you i'd still give it a bit more time until your deffinatley posotive,
    would be a shame to waste a healthy plant if you weren't 100% sure on it's sex ..
  4. ok thanks, so you think im safe to put it back in with my females/?
  5. ??

    Either you can tell or you can't. It makes no sense to say that you cannot tell but yet, somehow, you can tell. In this case, you can't.

    It's fine to put this plant in with others, whether they are known females or not. Males cannot pollinate until they have pollen sacs.
  6. Just wait it out. my plants started to show preflowers a week ago and just now i can tell that one plant has female pistils but im afraid of the undevoloped sites being male right now.
  7. well, if you're gonna grow it for breeding, make sure it's deffinatley away from the other plants, far away, different room, different part of the house. pollen can just float around in the air.

    if random pollens floating around it could land on your lady plants, pollenate them.. thenyour basically fucked because all you have is a crop of seed plants.

    If you dont plan on breeding you should prolly kill them as soon as you know they are male. (IF they are male..) then use the plant material for hash.

    nobody can see tiny bits of pollen floating around which are potentially willing to pollenate your female plants, keep it safe :)
  8. thanks a lot, i appreciate the help!
  9. no probles dude!

  10. r!ot,, -- it's true that you can't see pollen and you want to kill your males if you don't want seeds, but there is no need to remove a suspected male until you can see nut sacs, they can't produce pollen without the proper sex organs.

    And one grain of pollen will not ruin a crop. Each pistil on a female is attached to one calyx, which is somewhat analogous to a uterus in females, so if one grain of pollen attaches to one pistil than you will get one pollinated seed, not a ruined crop.
  11. ah okay, i was just keepin to the safe side of the road tbh but you sound alot more experienced down that route ;)

    pointage lol
  12. Ricshire7, you wondered about putting this plant back in with your females -- so you have other plants already showing sex as females? Were those plants and this one in question started at the same time and put on 12/12 at the same time? If so then a good chance it is not male -- males often (but not always) mature and show sex a little sooner than females. Just cause for wishful thinking though, don't actually assume a plant is one gender or the other based on the timing of it showing sex, get positive visual ID.

  13. yes, i definitely have 2 females for sure, i started out with 6 plants, 3 of them were definitely males so i killed them, 2 were definitely females and this one i am questioning about im not sure yet, and yes i started flowering them 12/12 at the same time.

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