male or Female pic

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  2. those are not pistils. you'll need to wait a bit longer.
  3. This question is asked a lot. Males and females both have identical characteristics. You have to be in flowering for a little while for the plant to show sex. There is no other way. Check out the sexing guide in the forums.

    Once it does show sex you can not mistake it. Males have balls like humans, and females have white pistils that shoot out. There fine white hairs.
  4. ive read the articles im just rele unsure at this point and if this is a boy im wantin to start over asap ya kno
  5. Dude you can't rush it.....wait it out and if you end up seeing a little white hair sprout out then be happy if not cut and start over.
  6. Male !!!!!!!!!
  7. damn if anyone thinks he^^^ is wrong plz say so i dont wanna rip up a girl

  8. 100% male.
  9. Get a newer picture bro
  10. Its a male !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its got deez nuts....
  11. Male man dude
  12. Ingore the people telling you to chop from that pic you cant tell sex as it looks to early to tell looks like you are looking at the stipules
  13. It does show a stipule. But it haz a ballsack.
  14. -_- you cant tl anything from that pic stop being an ass .. dont cut it wait it out you will get your answer soon enough when the plant is ready

  15. Its as clear as day. Like i said i have planted 100s of seeds and picked out the males on 100s of grows asap and i know thats a male like the back of my hand. Males show signs of sex before females and thats got a ballsack so get your eyes tested or get some experience behind you before you call me out. I am a busy grower looking after 100s of plants weekly and thats all i do and thats why i have my own website. :D

    (full time gardener).
  16. I would wait a little longer to determine 100%.
    I had to sadly remove a herm last night.. 3rd week of flower. Started showing balls. Before that everything pointed to 100% female. White hairs etc. the plant was about 3.5 ft. Bud sites everywhere. Grew it from seed, But I was afraid it will ruin the other girls.
    So... I would wait to be sure. Even then still inspect daily if possible.
  17. [​IMG][/IMG]




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    I know males generally show before females (not always) either way thats irelivent. And just because i dont post it over the net dont mean i dont have expierience ;) but that pic is so bad you cant tell anythin for sure
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    I already said its a male 100%. I dont need to clear a pic to tell as i garden 24/7 and can assure you right now its a MALE.
    (what bit dont you get???).

    please respect the members..
    this is not the vibe of the city

  20. I'd say that it is definitely too early to determine but it is looking like female preflowers.

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