male or female new picks

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    sorry about last picks r theise picks better my picks 007.jpg

    my picks 006.jpg
  2. My computer screen is pretty dark, but i dont see any signs of sex.
  3. from these pics i cant see any signs of sex either sorry bud
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    wot r the little things that r poping out the side and shouldnt it be sexing by now

  5. I forget the names of those things, but the pistils come out from behind them. Or balls if its male.
  6. HIGH All, here's a Pic from "Crazy Composer"...and they are Called "stipules" tomtom.

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  7. lol, that's awesome dude.
  8. white hairish things = female, pretty much easiest "first sign" guess hahahahah
  9. When I first saw preflowering I thought some fuzz got stuck in there, then I noticed it on the same node on every branch. Now we are a few days later and she looks to need a shaving.:eek:

  10. i had the same issue at first.. since i already posted the pics on here it wont let me upload em.. but on page 3 i believe mayb even 4 of my journal in my sig shows the plants producing the little sack and then pics of it releasing the hairs and stuff..

    take a look and i hope it will help u in determening the sex of ur plants
  11. after you have posted pic by uploading it, it is then hosted and you put in another thread using the [​IMG]
  12. hahaha, and if you cant figure out the above process, copy the pic, rename, and re-upload, then delete!!!!
  13. lol.. thanks!!! i feel like a dumb ass but i jus couldnt get it.. will try it now
  14. here are sum pics from my post for the same question.. before and afters
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. My pick would be female.
  16. ohh yea i kno..those are my

    i was just using my pics as a reference to what i first saw when i posted my question about it. then the pics with the pistils showing is a few days later.

    at first i thought that was the start of a male and i was going to get rid of them but i decided since im a newb to let it grow out a little so i can see what the pollen sacks look like developed. then a couple days later still no new sacks alot of new growth and a few hairs on my then i thought it might be herm and then everyone told me thats how it starts out. now each plant is developing at almost every node..

    just passing on some info i got

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