male or female im confused

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by grassmaniac, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. i am confused because it has started early floering ,on its branches it has started to appear ball looking things but in the same time it has hait looking things also so now i dont know for sure ,the plant is really healthy and it looks like an indica sativa breed cause its leaves are as big as my palm hand long and very wide,it also smells very much ,the plant is about four months old.
  2. may be a hermie?
  3. should i continue growing it?is it good for smoking or not ....any links for hermies?
  4. how do i make hash and from part of the bud or which ones.....the top of the plant is becoming a big bud in itself and its growing,and also to tell ya'll that in between the branches of the fan leaves there are new branches coming out with bud on them (small ones yet)....any guess?long leaves very long and wide ....bushy and tall...potent smell (fermentation smell)like beer.....80-1.0 meters tall..i will try to post some pictures soon....promise(out door grow)
  5. do you have any male flower on or is it all bud
  6. its a bit hard to tell yet ecxept for the top ,the topis becoming a big bud entirely while on the inner branches and in the main stem there are signs that seem to me as male balls but those balls are not just one but two three in a row that make up a small bud begining(maybe)...and also the same thing started on the pods of the inner branches......
  7. Its probably just a male, from the discription. Any pics?

    And hermies will polinate themselves therfore producing seedy weed, so you'll probably have to toss it wether its male or hermie.
  8. Does it have the little white hairs.. pistils? If it does, then that's good. The little ball things... are they very circular or are they more like a teardrop shape? It could be you're just seeing the pods where the seeds WOULD go in a female if it had been pollinated. But again, without picutres, it's hard to say for sure. The male pods look to me a bit more circular and the female seed pods are more tear drop shaped.
  9. thanks for the links.,..... and about the ball shape its more of a teardrop shape and the very top or the crown of the plant is becoming real white ......i have taken pictures of it all i have to do, is develop the film and scan give me about a day or two....i am really interested at what everyone is going to say about the plant....oh and one more thing i put some insecticide yesterday around my plant cause it started showing holes(ants,bugs..etc) on its leaves ,so i decided: "kill em all"....i am using a 10-20-20 fertilizer cause i didnt find the proper one ...10-20-10...
  10. sounds like a girl, but looking forward to your pics
  11. its kind a hard to develop them in my city beacuse of the rumors and i could end up getting caught ...but in the same time i am trying to find a digital camera so i dont have to develop the film at all....i am doing the best i can.
  12. ok. Balls near the top of the plant and has white hairs than its a male. red hairs its a female. But if it has balls and red hairs then I hear that you can snip the top of and it could convert into a female. This is only what I've herd so don't blame me if your plant dies. The males don't smoke as well as the females. The males seem to give me head aches the next day. a 10-10-10 is pretty good fertilizer.
  13. Please answer, Do you have any other plants growing or is this a 1 plant grow?
  14. no i got a couple of small ones indoors but my outdoor one is just one and also my favorite,and as far as its looks ,its balls are kind of whitish hairy and a small hair coming out of it and as far as red or white hairs its kinda hard to tell cause its only its barely second week of flowering...and thats thanks to the position that its in...its close to a wall so the wall blocks the sunlight till 12 o clock at noon and it continues only till 6 o clock in the has become bushy and as tall as 1.50 meters high....looking good its growing fast i am givin it fertilizer everyday...regular dose...i am really trying to get those pictures though i am really eager about that.....
  15. It sounds female. since its by itself let it grow and harvest it either way male or female.
  16. will it be any good for smooking if its a male....cause its not growing tall anymore but the internodes on between the branches are growing and becoming bushy and something that seems to be buds are growing on each of those tips....the ball shape things are becoming a little bit bigger whith each one of it hanging a small hair on it....also these balls are kind of hanging down....
    i wasnt able to get a digital camera yet, and i am afraid to develop it....the plant has reached its final stageof tallness and which is (i am about 1.83 meters tall...and the plant is reaching my shoulder...)
  17. a strangest thing happened today noon the capsules or the ball shaped things opened up(a couple of them)revealing yellowish long shape things and after a couple of hours after they closed ......what is that?never read anything similar to this......
  18. Thats a male flower but dont get mad yet has plant been under any unusual conditions that might stress the plant out low water ,high temp, anything that could shock it , it sounds like you have a lot of bud on it ,,, how many male flowers does it have ,,, if there is not to many it could be a female under stress no matter what cutting it down wouldn't be in my mind ,,,,, good luck hope it gets big budssss
  19. it did get very hot during the past few weeks (30-34 celzius)
    it does have alot of flowers in it in every branch,everywhere small ones yet....if its a male i think i am going to cut it down....i just want to make sure ....cause i hate the way the male plant gets me stoned...(it pisses me off)i am also feeding it double dose fertilizer (10-20-20)its a cactus fertilizer....i couldnt find the proper one...

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