Male or female, I need some advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lowbudgetphoto, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I started with about 6 plants and I had 2 left until I realized one was a male when I notice when I touched it pollen would fall from it, and now I have one and I am almost positive that it is a female, also the beginning buds are turning purple along with the stem so I think its purple haze, here is a close up picture of the bud, tell me if it is a male or female, thank you.
  2. That look like a male for sure.
  3. Looks like male ballz bro
  4. Fuck! How am I so unlucky! Are you 100 percent sure???

    I have some seeds germinating and hopefully I can get them at most a foot tall when flowering season is over, just to try my own bud.
  5. That's why you always germ 10 seeds bro
  6. I had 4/4 males bro chin up.
  7. Again, that's why you germ 10 ....
  8. Not enough space to keep ten untill sex shows, mine are indoor by the way.
  9. There's no way it can be male, it has little white hairy pistils coming from the arm pit like area of the plant.
  10. its prolly a hermaphrodite cuz that first pic looks male
  11. What is different about a hermaphrodite marijuana plant? Can someone give me a simple explanation or query about my plant? Like its about a foot tall with 4 stalks because its been topped, so what will my yeild be?
  12. Also do the males produce any bud at all, because I cut down my 4 foot tall male because I thought it was only useful for the seeds and pollen.
  13. some people make hash of there males, but those arnt white hairs white hairs are longer and thinner those are pretty fat and short, if it was hermie id have more white hairs then balls generally at least, i have forced a male to grow female parts on accident but its dead now. grow indoors you have more control.
  14. Thanks for the advice.
  15. I don´t want to rub it in but germing 10 at a time is good advice, I did that with my LR´s -nine sprouted and eight are females! Beginners luck as it´s my first grow. I smoked the male and got a bit of a buzz...:rolleyes:

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