Male or Female? Few days into 12/12 cycle.

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Male or Female

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  1. Thats a dude, sorry
  2. Darn. I thought the spiky hairs were a sign of a female.
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  3. From what I could see, youve got some staminate 'balls' which are sacks of pollen that rupture and spread the pollen via wind.
    If you upload a picture in normal light or with a flash I could more confidently say yay or nay, but I understand if thats not possible.
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  4. What you are looking for when determining male/female are pistillate (usually white) hairs and small, generally single-fingered 'sugar' leaves.

    Here is about 1.5 weeks into flower
    20190612_214020-1-1.jpg 20190612_214220-1.jpg
  5. After doing more research I definitely think this is a male plant. It’s got a ton of dense sacs. I’ll upload a better picture.
  6. Yeaah, no its a male. Might as well cut it down early as possible.
  7. I’m glad I posted on here and got him away from my other plants! I definitely know what to look for next time. Thanks so much!
  8. Kill All Males.
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  9. I fell a good indicator is that most times a female plant grows 1 single calyx or sack at the nodes on stems, while as you can see males grow pods in clusters so if you see more than 2 you can be pretty confidante you have a male.
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  10. Ya looking for something like this for girls they normally have these on the main step :) Screenshot_20170716-191131.jpg

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