male or female and/or pre-flowers?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Need help i'm confused. do these pictures tell the sex and also are they showing pre-flowers?
    (the pics are all of the same plant)

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  2. Hi there. I am not an expert but males av ball like things ... like little balls that are pollen sacks and i cant see balls!!! Females av a little pisten thing coming out of two little things.. lol i do not claim to know the technucal name for the plants boby parts either. Im sure sum one on ere nos the scientific wording!!! I can draw ya a male and female but cant puut it into words lol but looks like normal plabt and i personally wood not be worried. I ant got my specticles on but can see not male!!!!! Hopefully sum one will tell u the names etc but all goid in my eyes ( specs or not) were did ya get ya seeds? How old? Plant wont show sex till in early flower love. Good luck and hope to God told ya rite (spec savers for me if not lol) all the best love xxxx
  3. I am pretty sure it's too early to tell, at what week of veg are you at? Also, most of the pictures are very blurry. And yeah, the males have a green pollen sacks whereas females, at the same place, will have calyxes with pistils comming out of them (hair-like thing)
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  4. You should see white Pistils coming from main or at the bottom like you have I can't tell to early for my input.
    Good Luck

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  5. its from a clone and i can't remember how long i was growing the clone for. i think from the time the roots hit the water its been 3 weeks.
    the pics are 1500px 72pi, not sure, seem ok from my end, they are not from an slr, trying to keep the file size down for uploading.
    i keep watching it, thanks!!
  6. [​IMG] here's what you're looking for!

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  7. looks like the consensus is its still to early, I'll post in another week and keep monitoring it. thanks everyone.
    the reason i was wanting to know around this time is because this plant was a clone from veg of another plant that had gone to flower and then turned hermie. I wasn't sure if it went hermie because of mistakes during flower or not. i had to start all over so this is my second try. thanks for everyone's input.
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  8. Too early, i just got a pic of my preflowers. i'll throw one up here for ya. If they're just balls with no white pistols then they be boys.[​IMG]
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