Male, Male, Male, Male, Male, and Guess what! Male....

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kaos6669a, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. I'm bombed out of ideas, i've had 6 males out of 6 Lowryder#2's, 2 Male Mango plants (None fem Seeds) , 2 male bagseed (None Fem Seeds).

    I'm stumped...

    My Temps are between 75-82 (Hotter where the light is but i have a fan circulating 24/7 aswell as intake and exhaust.
    The RH is ok at 55% and my PH is 6.5-6.7
    Un-Nuted for all grows for the first month, only overwatered my first grow, i now know what and where to look for watering problems, nute burn, heat burn and heat stress, and my plants are always looking fine :(.

    There grown (all) on 18/4 from 5am till 11pm, pitch black when there in the dark period.

    Any ideas or is it just shit luck so far?

    I have bought some Feminised Orange Bud seeds but am un willing to grow it yet as i think something is wrong but i dont see how anything can be wrong... If the plant grows then all is ok right????

    Cheers All.

  2. Its probably what you do to them for the other 2 hours... :smoking:

    I dunno what to tell you, maybe your just not supposed to grow the magical herb. lol
  3. My bad, stoner mistake number #1


    18/6 would be better :D
  4. That is terrible luck, sorry for ya.

    I feel really fortunate because I only planted 1 seed and it turned into a beautiful sativa dom female.
  5. don't give up! the odds are with you now. the more times you keep trying the chances of getting a female increase.
  6. I feel you, bro. I've had terrible luck with non-fem'd seeds. I think I've killed 6 males since I started growing. Pisses me off too.

    Don't forget to make hash out of your males, tho. It's better than nothing.
  7. consider yourself lucky... your probably the ONLY person who has ever had that many males

    hahaha jk sorry man, keep trying.
  8. Cheers all, just posted a new thread about Female Seeds, please have a look and comment if you can, more help needed, threads called "Feminized Seeds"
  9. I laughed for 5 minutes when I read that..
  10. Personally what I do, is I treat them like a girl, talk to em like ladies, and love em like mothers

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