male? hermie?

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  1. hey guys, i have an outside grow with 12 from seed. this is my first grow, and i have a couple plants that i believe are males. the picture quality sucks (from phone) but if needed i will grab some better ones with the digital camera.

    any feedback would be great!

    (btw, these are the only 2 that are showing any signs of sex)

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  2. It's just a male. There won't be any smokage coming from that plant.
  3. or hash, but if they're all together I'd pull em
  4. Yep, nasty little boy. Males usually show sex first, so hopefully that means the rest are girls.
  5. Thanks guys will dispose of them!
  6. in B4 the Storm Crow !!!!!

    males = bad, Mkay....
  7. ok guys, pulled one of them tonight to try and take better 99% sure but figured id like to be 100% before i yank the other 3

    thanks :eek:

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  8. I bet Granny disagrees!
  9. [quote name='"BYOweed"']

    I bet Granny disagrees![/quote]

    other uses...but none with smoking
  10. so with the new pictures, certainly a male?
  11. Yes...a male. Getcha some fem seeds and u wont waste ur time growing males.
  12. thank you sir! better go yank the other few tomorrow! i had 10 clones out out, but something ate them, figured id try to have some sort of harvest with bagseed! never again!

  13. You musta got up early today, Wharf!!!
    Good to see you back around.

  14. Yep, males. Sorry about your luck but keep trying.

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