male from female?

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  1. how can you tell a male from female?
    someone told me you can tell by the number of leafs on a stem,my plant has several stems with 5 leafs and now its starting to grow with 7 leafs per stem,it stands 13 inches tall thus far,the top 4 stems are growing 7 the very beginning it only grew 3 leafs then went to 5......?????
  2. males will have lots of little balls all ovr them

    here is a male plant

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  3. here is a female

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  4. U will not be able to determine the sex untill the flowering period.How ever u can force flowering to find the sex.U can do it between 8 in and 12 in.After u find the sex u can put it back on its regular cycle and finish veg stage.If u grow inside which im sure u do u can just put your lights on a 12/12.If u got them outside just put something that the sun will not go through.I think a paper bag will work.Just put it on for 12 hours and take it offfor 12.after it flowers leqave it off till your ready to flower for good.

  5. thanks for the info!
  6. no prob dude glad i could be a help.Now if some one could help me and hook me up with soe good seeds
  7. Ok my plant has what looks like the female plants buds growing on it... its 61 days old and still in veg and I still even have it on 24 hr (fluoros, 300w worth) its only 6in above soil though... does that already mean its gonna be fem?
  8. No this doen not mean its a female.U havt to put it on the 12 12 cycle to find out the sex.W hat your talkin about is probaly just a new growth shoot.

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