male for bud?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FlyinSupahHigh, May 4, 2011.

  1. Alright....I was just wondering could you make a male plant hermie to where it will produce bud. I know its pointless I was just wondering is it possible.
  2. anythings possible
  3. I've never even thought of that before....

    Logically, a female bud wil hermie when it is stressed in order to produce seeds as quickly as possible in order to ensure that it can produce at least some offspring. Keep in mind that the plant's only goal in life is to produce offspring to ensure future generations. If it is already male, I don't see any biological reason why it would need to hermie itself.

    Just speculation... I'm not a biologist
  4. Plants don't hermie in a concerted effort to procreate, they do so because they've been royally stressed or else screwed-up genetics.

    Males can hermie as well as females. We rarely see males that hermie because usually males get yanked right away. But the issue isn't getting the plant to produce male or female flowers, it's getting the plant to produce THC, and I don't think you'll get much of that off of female buds from a male hermie.
  5. Well that's cool to know that you could do it though. Thanks I was bored and got to thinking a little too much.

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