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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by alaskagrown, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I have a northern lights x big bud that is about three weeks into flowering. Very nice plant. It started showing female flowers pretty quick and is female I as far as I can tell.

    The prob is today I noticed a couple little pollen balls starting to form down low, three or four sets of branches from the top.

    I took a couple cuttings about a week ago and a couple more about 4 days ago. They were from lower down the plant.

    Could this be stress or is the plant gonna be a hermie?


  2. Unfortunately, it sounds to me like you have got a hermie. That sucks, I am curious to see how the NLxBB produces. Thinkin about trying it outdoors.
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    tex-i pulled the 2 i found off...hopefully i wont see is a perfect specimen...


  4. AK, youll probably end up pulling off more than you want, and finding that you didnt get them all in time...

    its oh so painful, makes me cringe just thinkin about beautiful females sproutin pods :(
  5. Once a hermie always a hermie. I guarantee you there will be male flowers you either can't see because they are buried in the midst of female flowers or that keep sprouting up in various spots.

    The clones will be hermies too.
  6. hi-yeah thanks for the comments - you're more than likely right but i am still holding out hope that it was an isolated case and due to some stress...this was the biggest, baddest, fastest growin, tight internodal spacing and all of ten seeds!

    if i see anymore it will probably mean curtains for it....

    i read a few post where some folks saw one or two, pulled them off and never saw any again and no seeds...

    i aint saying that is true i just read it so that is what i am holding out hope for...stress caused it...

    i took a couple clones so if it turns out to be hermi then yeah i wiull definitely dump them..

    the smoke will be kind of funky would it not? i mean seedy and not that great of yield?

    anyway thanks again for your time...

    i will let you all know...

  7. Are you sure you saw female parts? Post pics?
  8. Hope there aren't any more balls.....I'm pullin for ya AK! She sounds like a beautiful lady.
  9. hi,
    here are some pics..not the best but i will try to get a better one later..not sure how to add pics to a post yet...check my gallery

    tex-right on man...thanks for the support!


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