Male flowering vs female flowering time.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. Hey seasoned growers ive got a couple quick questions.

    Now I understand most female plants take approx 8 weeks to complete flowering. In my case with white widow, it is 8 weeks. At two weeks into flowering they show great flowers all over with long pistols.

    Okay so whats the time length for males to flower? From what ive noticed from my outdoor plants that were male, they start to flower (or pod, ball,) up a bit before the females, and then release the pollen sometime in mid cycle of the female plant flower cycle.
    But my question they stop producing new pods in their cycle?

    Here is my reason I ask. I just began my second indoor grow with clones. These are all second generation clones. Anyhow im flowering three plants and two of them ended up hermies. The plants are white widow and im two weeks into flowering and ive been picking off the male pods as I see them. There aren't many of them at all, only less than 10 pods per plant so far.

    Anyway, for those who might know. Is there a time when I can expect to, or be able to stop inspecting my plants for new little pods?

    Also if I miss only a single pod or two per plant, will I end up with bud that is just chuck full of seeds, or just spotty.

    im doing my best to pick the male pods as soon as I see them. I inspect every two days for new ones, they appear fast! Will they stop......say at 4-6 weeks into floweing?

    Or once my pistols on the lady flowers have began to turn brown, will it even matter if a male is around since they are basically done flowering?
  2. The males will flower at about 6 weeks and new flowers will form right untill the 10 week if produces pollen at theis time due to the fact that the female has lots of white recepter pistules all wanting pollen...droolin for its a clever species..
    Bad news about the unmissed male flowers..they do produce an abnormable ammount of pollen and are capable of causing mayhem if the pollen dust ( microscopic !! ) what you see in the yellow its a 10000000th of its strength....if the pollen enters the vicinity of your room fan ( ohoh ) ..
    If you can buy new seeds of the same strain when you have finished...or another if you prefer...good luck mate
  3. Well i have a zillion seeds. Thats no problem. There are clones i grew just for personal bud. Im just going to do my best to keep up on the pods and see how I do. I guess ill learn from the experience so maybe i can help others.

    Thing is, im only two weeks into flowering and already there are male pods! I hope as some of the female flowers mature they wont get pollinated as I pick the early male pods.
    I can live with a few seeds, just don't want a bag of them if possible.
  4. If your seeing pods at 2 weeks..shit...god help u..pick for your life !!! by 5 wekks theyl b everywhere
  5. The pods are just stray ones here and there. Ive prob picked maybe 3-5 off each plant so far. A few were plump, looked to be male pods.....those were the ones that got me thinking.
    The others have been tiny, but ive taken no chance, ive picked them.

    Shit for all I know they might be female buds........but im about 90% sure they are male. Good thing I grew a male last time so i know exactly what the pods look like.

    The pods seem to be growing where branches split, not on the ends......that is where the female flowers are.

    Ive posted some pics in the grow journal forum under white widow and indica grow.
  6. can you take pictures of your hermies so you can show people what they look like? something kinda current ya know?
  7. The pods will grow there 1st same as female to show sex of plant but will spread to the flowering shoots and most of the top cola will be full of them if it a bad hermie...if this happens and it gets to bad take it out of the room if poss
  8. Guys, im going to take some pics tomorrow. I can't now because they are in the dark.

    But ive been into flowering since Dec 14th and these suckers are chucked full of flowers. And in the past few days there have been no new growth of what I thought were male pods.

    The female flowers are all over with long white hairs, no male pods near them (yet)

    Im crossing my fingers. I figure if I don't see males pods by Jan 14th half way through flowering i might have lucked out and just thought they were hermies.
  9. Mate , keep a tiny bit of pollen fron one male flower somewhere on a plant and sprinkle it on a lower flower ( with no fans blowing ! ) you mat be lucky and get female seeds which occur when the odd male flower on a clone tries to reproduce and produces female pollen ( cos the main gender of the plant is female ) plant a few of the resulting seeds u get as a 10 and see if you get all females...
  10. if another pod does show up (i hope not) i will pick it and take the closest pic of it I can.
  11. They are the preflowers at the nodes of the stems...wait till theh turn into either a pod with 2 hairs ( female ) or a little bunch of tiny balls ( males ) like bob said...if you have male flowers located sporadically and the plant is flowering then it is definately a hermie and you should really change your stock on the next grow..or its gonna be a long ride for you...every crop u do

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