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  1. where exactly do i look on mmy plants to find out what sex they r i know if its female i will see a white hair and if its male i will see ball like things but im not sure exactly where to look for the male flower and the female flowers if someone can give me some details or some pics it would be kool thx
  2. You tell sexes by looking at the nodes as your plant grows. The females will form a small pouch looking flower that will expel the white hairs (pistils). The male will branch out more so that it's pollen can fall more spread out, these will be "hanging baskets" of flowers on a branch.

    You also sometime get something called a "hermaphrodite" which is both sexes... It produces the male flowers and female flowers... These I can't tell you how to catch just watch for this odd trait. It's rare for it to happen though...

    The image has pics and close ups of both sexes...

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  3. thx man this will help me alot
  4. lol..I was gonna post that pic aswell, but wouldnt let me cause I already did. n you went n got it :p hehe

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