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  1. IMG_1209.JPG IMG_1211.JPG So looking at my plants today I noticed 3 of them have a pair of little white hairs at the very top and one doesn't. The one without the hairs has 5 finger leaves growing and the ones with the hairs only have three finger leaves. They are 23 days from seed. One is guaranteed female( has the hairs)but the other three are bag seeds. Does this look like it may be a male? Thanks!
  2. Those aren't hairs, it's just new growth starting. Sex cannot be determined on a 23 day old plant.
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  3. No sign of sex yet in either picture.
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  4. Ok thanks guys. Just getting ahead of myself I guess.
  5. I had just seen a video where they sexed them by pulling back flaps on the stock and the female had white hairs behind it and the males had sacks. Didn't know if this was similar
  6. Preflowers won't show unit 6-8 weeks on as healthy plant. And even then, sometimes won't show until you flip. If you want to know, you could take a cutting before you flower and put the cutting under 12/12 and it'll start to show either mail or female
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