Male? Female? Too early to tell?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Been vegging since April 22. I can't tell if it's too early to sex it or not. D:
    Also, there is a burn on some of the leaves.

    This is a heat burn I believe, right?
  2. looks female to me but.. I could be wrong...

    im pretty sure it is though..
  3. That's what I thought, honestly. Though it might be too early and the pollen sacs might not have developed yet.. right?
  4. its too early to tell. have you flipped the lights yet?
  5. nah, waiting for my screen to fill up yet. I'm thinking about flipping it though. Should I? Just to get a hang of the whole process..
  6. read the stickies in the forum dude. they explain everything a new grower needs.
  7. I know HOW to grow, I just feel like if I switch the lights now it'll make it easier for me to observe so I can do it right next time.
  8. You should definitely be able to sex it by now. If you need any help post up another pic. And yes that's heat burn your plants are/were too close to the lights.
  9. can someone point out in a picture what makes this a female???

    I dont see pistils... and the fact the guys been growning only a few weeks, he's able to tell sex before alternating nodes??

    thought you could only sex before 12/12 if it was an auto flower, or if you veg long enough to get pre flowers... he's less then a month in..
    Im lost.
  10. there are only 3 nodes visible in the picture, the bottom three nodes. Unless it was a clone it wouldnt show sex that low. No pistils or male parts are visible so I would have to say its an IT for now ;)
  11. Exactly!
  12. glad to know im not alone...

    I think people just say shit to be heard...

    or read..

    This plant has NOT shown gender.
  13. But not how to tell gender, which is also covered in the stickies...rhapsody was being helpful.

    Sticky in the beginners section has pics how to tell sex. Easy to find.

    Non-autos can show sex before 12/12, it depends on the strain and how long you veg...
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    Toasty, I know your a very respectable man on here, But i know how to sex.

    I just dont understand how people can say "ITS A FEMALE ITS A FEMALE!"

    when there are no pistils showing. And for that fact i dont see any nutsacks either..

    So for someone to say its a female... I just wanna know how..


    we got some weed whisperers on this site or what?

    I've been reading as much on sex as possible recently, cause I have a stubborn white wid plant that will not show sex..

    And has had me worried.

    no pitils, no nut sack... its a IT

    Edit: oh and i never knew you could sex a plant before its even 3 weeks old (while on a veg light cycle)... new news to me. thanks
  15. This was taken from budslingers sexing thread

    *We know of no way to discover gender with any certainty until each plant actually forms either pollen-bearing male flowers or seed-bearing female flowers. However, certain general characteristics may help. Using guidelines like the following, growers who are familiar with a particular variety can often predict gender fairly accurately by the middle stage of the plant's life*

    this guy posted no strains, or any information other then he started vegging on april 22..

    So how is it people claim this to be female?
  16. Lol, so much controversy in this thread ;P

    It's a First Lady plant, it's fast flowering but not AUTO flowering, so yeah there's no way to tell it's sex. I don't even know why I posted this.. xD

    Thanks for your help guys ;P

  17. give her <3

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