Male, Female or too early to tell?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NiiRvAnA, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I started growing my bagseed about 6 days ago.

    Natural Soil, 200w Light Bulb

    Sorry for the bad picture quality everyone, androids have bad cameras I guess!


    Title explains itself. :smoke:
  2. this a joke?
  3. No It's not. just gimme the straight answer.
  4. Do some research before you post questions like this. It is WAY to early to tell whether that is a male or female. You will be able to tell the sex within the first couple of weeks of flowering, however it may show its gender before then, but you've got a while to go. However, nice looking seedling and good luck mate
  5. thank you! It is bag seed but should be sweet tooth strain.
  6. [quote name='"KushKing00"'] this a joke?[/quote]

    Lmao agreed
  7. Don't Hate.
  8. lol theres nothing to hate on! just a 2 day old plant that looks like every other plant in my front yard hahaha

    were not hating....were laughing! lol

    oh and it looks chop it....
  9. [quote name='"NiiRvAnA"']Don't Hate.[/quote]

    No ones hating man. But before you launched into this grow it would've been wise to maybe read around so you're aware enough to know that a plant won't show sex until you've put it into flower. And if you're not sure how that works...once again...go read!
  10. Oh and Androids usually have pretty decent cameras. Maybe you should tell your plant to hold still and say cheese

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