Male, Female, or Hermie?

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  1. Hello, this is my first post to Grasscity, and for my first post i would like to know what are the pros and the cons of each gender of plant. I understand males are not as potent as females, and that if you just have one male or female you are forced to clone after harvest. Which is why I was thinking id be best to grow Hermies so it can pollinate itself and you can keep a stock of seeds. But everyone says that Hermies are bad, which confuses me. So please fill me in on some detailed pros and cons on the all three genders. Thank you:)
  2. seed production takes a lot of energy = not making awesome buds. also, seeds in your bud suck for smoking.

    so male plants are terrible for bud production, and hermies make decent buds but can be seedy and annoying

    females are optimal
  3. Thank you for replying early, ive herd this before. but how difficult is it to remove the seeds from the bud. Could it be done by simply grinding it? or would that just make a mess, making smaller fragments of broken seed mixed with the bud?
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    Only females produce the flowers/buds that you smoke.

    Males produce pollen to create seeds when the pollen lands on the females flowers. Other than that, males are almost useless unless you want to make oil out of them.

    Hermaphrodites can produce both flowers and pollen and are equally as useless as a male plant for smokable buds. Hermaphrodite seeds will have poor genetics and the seeds will have a greater chance of being hermaphrodites themselves.

    Female plants are the only ones worth investing the time and money into for growing unless you are looking to make your own seeds.

    It's best to pick the seeds out before smoking or grinding the bud. If you miss a seed and pack a bowl with it in the mix you can heat the seed up to a high enough temperature that it can explode. Plus seeds will give you a headache if smoked.
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    I had that question sometime ago so i'm answering.
    Meh, just go feminized seeds. If you want to produce seeds = less buds, some seeds will not be mature too. If you can't afford buying online many times. Just keep a male far away from the female's and do only one branch for seeds, a branch can give you many seeds ( use a zip lock bag with male polen inside and close it tight on the branch. A mistake can get all females producing seeds. But of course if you do that you still get less size on bud's.

    My advice -> Female's
    If you problem is money, I shouldn't say that , but sell to just friends you know at long time, and when you get money for your next order, stop the sells. Of course that's dangerous. But it's just an opinion.

    If you're problem is shipping, ask a friend for it, say it's a surprise for your mom and they will not open the package for sure, give them like 5 bucks or less for the favor. I currently buy at one growshop that when the package arrives, has like a garden house name on it, nothing says that are MJ seeds, and I bet almost all growshops do that ( growshops will make everything they can to nobody gets suspicious at the package)

    Sorry If I 'went' to far xD
    And for the language, not english
  6. That makes sence, but what about after harvest of a female plant? since it didnt produce any seeds i would have to buy more feminized seeds right? (which is costly) or just clone the female before it dies?
  7. Yeah. You either clone the female off of a mother plant that is in a constant state of vegetation or you just plant more seeds.
  8. Okay, and to keep the mother in a vegetation state i would just need to keep it out of the flowering light cycle? How long can a mother plant live in a vegetative state?
    what you could is get friends to chip in for seeds with you and all grow together

  10. I mean if it's the only option, and in last case, you can try, it's dangerous like I said, It can get you a in a lot of troubles. But if you do it nicely and know when to stop, it can go nice.

  11. Whew people are spoiled these days, never sorted seeds lol? its been awhile for me, but damn the 80's and 90's, seed sorting was an art with brown crappy weed in bad times lolol!

    id stick to females, ive found a few seeds in medicine ive gotten from clubs, and they are about a month old now..starting to get 5 finger leaves right off the bat, i can let u know how they do.
  12. Haha, i know how to get sticky;) and pick with my hands. but I didnt know whether or not a grinder was made to also skip grinding the seeds to avoid getting it in your bud. Sorta like how some grinders have keif catchers, there should also be grinders with seed catchers. If there isnt already, im not sure haha.
  13. hehe never used a grinder, never had the desire to burst the buds open, i just smoke em whole in vaporizer
  14. I want a vape, but i want a lot of things you know. But I just dont have the money for everything. Im looking at da buddah for a vape and i want the roor blue series 100ml bong with diffuser. But im also djing a party soon, and i need to buy this expensive laser show. Then i also wanna fix up my longboard, cause the grip is shit and my wheels are conned and wore down. uh, ive been out of bud for going on 5 months.

  15. And why is this? Are your dealers giving it off for free?
  16. because by selling you've increased the risk of your grow getting busted too, and getting slapped with both charges hurts reaaaally bad

  17. People still use dealers in medical states lol? Its called building a collective with your friends who also have medical cards, no need to sell, u can grow more, spread it throughout 4-6 people, and split the costs.

    Dealers lmfao...its 2012
  18. That's very true. But I'm guessing you don't go telling about the grow to everyone? When the harvest is finished and you wanna make some cash off of it, just let your main blades know there's some good shit if they wanna buy and/or deal it onwards for a small profit.

    If you got a pound of weed on you, you'd be screwed. In Finland it's not about what you say it is for, if it exceeds a certain amount, it's automatically regarded as for selling purposes.

    To be honest that's pretty ignorant. Not everyone is able to get an MMJ card, and I obviously wasn't talking about people who have the access to one either. Reality check; It's 2012, weed is still illegal and many people still make a living off of it. Although not including me, I'm just being realistic here.
  19. Im in florida, still illeagle. I really do feel like within the next 10 years the government will flip though and allow marijuana to be legal everywhere. I was watching a beer commercial today and i just cant believe how easy it would of been to swap the beer cans with joints and how good of a commercial it would of made. Not everyone that smokes weed is a thug or in a gang or is apart of some violence. Most smokers just wanna blaze down and watch the Olympics or play some video games. No harm in that.
  20. If the next ten years include an entirely overthrown system with the oligarchies destroyed, then it can be possible. Right now the US is becoming a police state and that means less freedom & more control. Those who lobby against marijuana, know its benefits. That is exactly why they cannot allow their profit to be obliterated by marijuana.

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