Male? Female? or Hermie? Hi-res preflower pics inside Help plz

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  1. The top picture is a node i'm fairly sure is female and the second picture is a node i think might be male. This is my first grow so I don't want to mistake and kill a good plant. Please help me thanks. The plant is about 6 weeks old and the potential male node is the 6th node up and the female is the 7th node up from bottom.

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  2. its too soon to tell but within a week or so you will be able to tell. it will either turn into one teardrop shaped node with 2 white hairs coming out, or a bunch of tear drop shaped balls. hairs=female balls=male:wave:
  3. Right on man, yah I have a confirmed female from a femenized seed. This is a strain seed i got for free when I ordered mine but it wasn't feminized. Is it common for the plants to develop a large bulge where the two stems (fan leaf stem and shoot stem) meet the main stem? On my older nodes the joint where the three stems meet have a large bulbous growth on the stem. Similar to the small growth in the picture only much much more pronounced
  4. Glad to have helped! I'm usually the one in need, lol.

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