Male / Female? Help please (pics)

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  1. Just wanted a confirm from some of the more experienced growers on whether or not these are male or female.

    There is one (the 3rd attachment) that I am very unsure about. The other attachments, though, I assume are males because of their balls. Have a look and let me know what you all think. Thanks!

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  2. i belive its a dude
  3. That 3rd one looks like it could be male but...... let it grow for a bit more and develop some more preflowers to be sure. You were right on the others tho they are all male.

  4. Yeah your right. All males, but im having a hard time on the 3rd one, im kind of thinking that it might be a female... Let go for a while.

  5. In my haste to get these pictures up and all that I got lost in the pictures I took and left out one of my plants. Essentially it is my last hope as I had 3 growing and two turned out to be males (the ones you all have helped identify).

    One quick note is that the two plants that you all viewed already in my OP are both very different looking in comparison to the one I think, hope, and pray is a female. The two males are very wide, bushy, not very tall. This other plant doesn't have near as much bushy foliage, has grown very tall, and has also had more troubles / struggles than the other two. I recall reading somewhere on here that the males usually just grow and grow usually w/out troubles while the females are usually more fickle and need more attention (imagine that haha).

    Anyway, this third plant I have searched and searched for balls (awkward) but have found none. Here are the pictures I took

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  6. Cant really see a whole lot of either pre flowers in those. but i did spot this it may well just be that its the angle/light the pic is taken in and i cant really see where it came from but it may be a female preflower. take more pics from around the internodes please so i can confirm.

  7. most of the time the males are always taller, b/c the pollen is better able to get to the females when they are lower, since they are pollenated by the wind, not bugs.
  8. I think the last hope is turning out to be a male. It entered a growth spurt and started having leaf sprouts at every single node, and then it started growing what appear to be seeds. Damn, I was hoping for a lady. Anyway, here is a picture for confirmation. :mad: :mad:

    Sorry about the pic quality, my digital macro camera died on me today as well.

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