Male/Female Genitalia piercings

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  1. any other blades have their handyman pierced?
    i Myself have a prince albert, and my wife has her VHC.

    i would attatch pictures, but i doubt we're allowed to do that, even in Pandora's box.
  2. did that suck really bad to have done and does your wife like gettin banged by your prince albert. also does it make it better for you. oh yah and what happens with pissing and how long until you could bang after.

  3. actually no it didnt, and surprisingly i was completely sober, the only thing that hurt was sliding a 6mm receiving tube into your Urethra, im a professional body piercer, on my second job and do all my piercings along with friends and family.

    and to an extent it makes sex better for me, in the sense that when she pulls on it with her lips really hard, it hurts, but it's all depending if you're into that kind fetish. and my Wife loves it, i bought a vibrating barbell that i only wear during special occasions. and pissing isnt really effected, sure your stream will spray abit, but once you learn to control it, it's not really a problem, also, it heals pretty fast down there, i was having sex 2 weeks after mine, and it was completely healed within 1 month
  4. hmmmm very interesting good luck with that, i personally am fine with my penis the way that it is, its got enough holes in it

  5. :confused::confused::confused::confused:
    how many holes does it have per-say? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  6. probably one, bro. stop hoarding all the smilies.
  7. I have my VCH done, got it almost 2 months ago now :) I love it, its my favorite piercing.:D
  8. I'd think it get in the way.
    All skin; no metal for me down there.
  9. No metal down there for me, only wood:hello:
  10. My boyfriend just got a lorum piercing, he has an account on here. I personaly love how it looks, but we can't bang yet.:p He told me is wasn't painful at all and piercing his ear lobes hurt worse.
  11. I'd rather not get my dick pierced...
  12. i thought it was funny when he said it heals up fast, then said it took 2 weeks to fuck...not that fast
  13. i googled some youtube videos of reactions you should check them out pretty funny when some chick got her vch it looked like she had an orgasm

  14. to a point of being able to freely move the jewelry yes along with exponential cell growth due to it's uhhh, blood rich location, im a professional piercer...

    after 1 month, Full to nearly complete healing is achieved, atleast if you kept it clean with daily Saline soaks.

  15. one hole
  16. can you get your nutsack pierced ?
  17. Yes.
    I've also seen them gauged. :bolt:

  18. haha yes, i have a good friend who has his stretched a whole 2inches! the only way to really "pierce" your scrotum is to slice completely through it with a scalpel, and then stitch the front and back skin together to form an opening. :cool:
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    I don't even have a scrotum, and that makes me cringe.
  20. Nothing below the nipples for me.

    Well... maybe the belly button for shits and giggles.

    I'm a guy by the way.

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