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  1. I've been growing quite a few plants and I've noticed that some of them grow the little banana pause that release the pollen and some of them are growing seed pods off of the main stalk... whats the differnence?
  2. Are you serious?
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  3. They werent busted, I didn't even see them growing the day before yesterday so they just popped up and like I said only one of them had a banana pods with the pollen the other plant had these weird seed pods on the stock
  4. U culdnt just do that in the first post? Just don't understand why you would comment "are you serious"? Like I'm supposed to know what the fuck I'm doing. I really don't know what I'm doing that's why I found the first time growers forum and posted that. I didn't think I was going to get judged the very first message and the very first time I ever post anything on this site
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  5. Settle down Cyphorx - the guy just joined and obviously lacks manners.
    Do you have a pic of what you're trying to explain?

    Nanners sometimes appear in late flower - it's called rodelization. The female plant will throw them out in order to pollinate itself or it can happen if the plant is stressed. This doesn't make your plants hermies.

    A true hermaphrodite will show balls and pistils early in flower.

    What you described could be a swollen calyx - that's why a pic would be good.
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  6. @MickFoster hey mick, didn’t know you were here too. I just joined today and got verbally abused. Nice place.
    So his males blowing pollen will not affect his female plants? I never had males, avoid them at all costs.
  7. I have a lot of manners @MickFoster . I’ve also seen people trolling with this question.
    Have fun, I just joined here you are correct. I’ll probably just leave now and go back to where I came from and people are civil.
  8. I think both of you got off on the wrong foot - he was offended by your remark and responded accordingly. Granted, his vulgarity was not necessary.
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  9. A true hermie - pistils and balls.

    Nanners caused by rodelization.
  10. I agree. His first post doesn’t even ask about males or female just the difference in bananas or the other thing. I asked if he was serious because I was confused about what he was trying to ask and the fact that it sounded like a troll comment.

    I’m out
  11. Yes you're right I was a little vulgar. I just didn't appreciate the comment was all
  12. I get that the bottom one is a male. Just didn't know about the other one
  13. Female. Those are called calyx. They’re good thing.
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  14. Just a swollen calyx on the first pic - male in the second - kill it.
  15. ok awesome. Thank yall! Now, ive pulled one of those calyx off before and it had a seed in it...but it was weird lookin like it wasnt fully developed...what does that mean? Thats what i was really tryin to figure out. I thought that those were good until i seen that.
  16. That's why I asked the difference in males. I wasn't sure if some males or maybe Hermes grew differently that's why I was so weirded out about it because you can clearly see the difference between males and females but that just kind of made me confused
  17. it's only the one seed that I found on it to it's only the
  18. False seed pod. If the pistils were still white, it wasn't pollenated.

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