Male cop searches underage girl ALONE in School Bathroom

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  3. This story doesn't focus on whether or not the girl should have been searched in the bathroom. In fact, it doesn't even mention marijuana so I really don't see how this is relevant.
  4. It mentions that she did not have any drugs on her, and the cop did not even ask the parents for their consent for this search.

    He pretty much chose a random girl, said he had probable cause because of a marijuana leaf sticker on her cellphone (which her friends could have placed there), follows her into a bathroom, and feels her up for "drugs" that she did not have.

    That seems a little more like molestation + abuse of power than a search.
  5. I have to agree with Headies. Kind of felt sucked into reading it and then it just kind of digressed away and never discussed the details of or reason for the search.
  6. Molestation? Was that mentioned?

  7. Where did you read anything about a marijuana sticker?
  8. No, just my personal opinion. He could have waited outside of the girl's washroom, rather than following her inside. That is just very un-professional, and there's no telling what happened inside because of the lack of cameras, which only makes it worse.

    I had read a comment from someone who mentioned that was their reason for suspicion. Not sure if it's true. I mean, considering no drugs were found on her, and their policy is that they will alert parents before any police action, no matter what the suspicion was - it could have been handled properly instead of like this.
  9. I guess no one is alarmed that male officers can search minors in the bathroom alone? So much could have went wrong. Police are not saints and I know there are hundreds of cops out there who would have done harm to this girl, sexually or not.
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    She had a pot leaf on her phone (the newspaper article manages to leave out most of the facts:( but some of them made it to the comments) . I seriously question the immediate danger that was threatening the school due to this. :confused:
    The article was incredibly lame, and obfuscating as the school is apparently CYA
    Doctors can't examine an underage patient without a nurse present.

    The officer can always transfer to corrections....

    Sex abuser trailed vacationing Lake Oswego family to get access to girl |

  11. Is there rebuttals to the article allowed or a comments section in that particular newspaper?
  12. That is an extremely poorly written article lol... no facts and they kinda randomly tried to connect it to sex abuse. -1 for journalism
  13. Wait, what?
  14. Because smoking pot is far more harmful to a young girl, than getting felt up by a strange man in his 30's for no reason.

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