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  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm a newbie in growing. I just started with 6 Auto Blue Mystic (from Nirvana). All germinated 20 days ago and are in vegetative stage on 20/4 light cycle. Yesterday, I bought an ounce of OG Kush from a local dealer and found 4 seeds in the bag. So I got excited as hell and planted them in the same (small) growing room. Today I was reading the old posts when I realized they can turn hermie!! Should have done some research before planting!

    Need some advise!

    With 20/4 light cycle, should I be worried about that? Is it possible it produce pollen while auto blue mystics flowering time approach?

    I was wondering if male cannabis plants depend on light cycle to produce flower like female plants do?

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Sorry for poor English
  2. Any female plant has the potential to become a hermaphrodite if exposed to the proper stresses. Male plants do depend on a 12/12 light cycle to flower too, so you won't have unexpected pollen. Although, since you are growing autos, your new seeds will never flower alongside your autos, because they need 12 hours of darkness everyday to induce flowering. But once they get big enough to flower you can change their light cycle, then after a week or 2 you'll be able to separate any of the OG Kush males by identifying them early.
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  3. Thank you very much! I got all my answers:love-mj2:
  4. Your autos will be fine. It will take a long time to show preflowers even if male. The autos will be done of you keep the others on that schedule. And when autos finish flip them and check the sex. If theyre girls and you vegged 2 months youll have plants like this

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