Male and Female on the same plant

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  1. Hello
    I have a nice plant that looks like it has a couple of buds that have male flowers. Is this possible? What should I do ?

  2. Yes its quite common. You may have a hemie plant but some pics will help.
  3. maybe you can tell what i see

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  4. If those pics are all from the same plant then you have a hermie.
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    The first pic is the top and a lower bud and there is two that are male looking growth. the second is the male and the third is a pic of the top female.
    How do I fix this problem?
    Can I cut the buds off of the plant

  6. Is this 3 different plants ?.

    (pic 1) i cant see anything.
    (pic 2) Male.
    (pic 3) female).
  7. no the only part of the plant that does not have the male looking growths is the top it has all female pods
  8. Then yes its a hermie for sure.
  9. Pic one is the top of the plant and all the lower growth. All the lower bud growth has male looking growth like pic 2
  10. I understand now.
  11. this is the plant that has both Male and female

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  12. The one I had like that those pods were seeds. I plucked them off but the plant was pretty much done, didn't grow anymore, lots of female flowers but no calexes, and no thc in the rest. Pluck-em and grow it out see if you get any bud.
  13. So can I take a razor to the lower growth and leave the main top. also what might have caused this. I did do some training to it becouse it was getting so tall I bent it over and that was why all the lower bud growth took off.

  14. Just grow it out until the end and see what happens as i am sure you will get some smoke from it.
  15. I have 6 other plants in the grow room. That will create havoc for the rest of the plants. RIGHT

  16. Yes 100%. If you have females in the same room you must remove them asap as looking at your plants nuts its not going to be long before they open and pollinate your whole crop of sensimilla................SHIT. I did not know that.
  17. The 3rd picture is a female the 1st is a hermi and the 2nd looks like ither a male or a hermi but all i can see are balls.
  18. OK. I am confused now. the poster says its from the one plant ??????

  19. ????????????????????????????? :confused:

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