Malaysia To Try Bush & Blair for War Crimes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pearl75, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Just exactly who is going to extradite them?

    If we don't do it ourselves, it's irrelevant what happens in other nations.
  2. That's crazy that a country so poor would waste resources on a trial the result of which is completely inconsequential to the world.

    Is there no one starving there?
  3. *nods head in approval
  4. i can only imagine what The Messiah will be tried for then....
  5. I'm amazed.

    I'm sure the BBs are having a laugh about it tho.
  6. :eek: This was eye-opening to me. We can extradite whoever we want, but we have immunity!! Nice world we live in.
  7. progressives are funny.

    They try one suspect for war crimes, and give the other suspect a Nobel Peace prize.

  8. Malaysia isn't that poor. It's a pretty well-developed country with modern cities and a growing economy. I certainly didn't see many starving people there (no more then I would see here in the US).
  9. But of all the countries that could try Bush and Blair, why Malaysia? That's the question I can't get out of my head.
  10. I hope they find him guilty and cut off his and his whole families fucking head that cunt.
  11. They are making a statement most likely, hopefully the rest of the world will follow suit, however they won't :(

    Bad people always get away with shit get over it, and if they do not they suffer minimum punishment (a quick death at most ;))
  12. What are the chances this will happen?

    I would gladly watch network TV for this!

  13. Yikes, hopefully I never have you in my jury pool

  14. couldn't have said it better myself
  15. [ame=""]Hiway of Death in Iraq - Proof of How US Media Lies - YouTube[/ame]

  16. Maybe they'll send in their special forces, or drones? I wonder if "we" will have a problem with that? ;)

  17. hahahahahahahah. that would be awesome. the bush ranch blown to shit by a us drone, purchased by maylasia. i still think most of this ridiculous country would demand that we wipe them from the face of the earth without even getting the blind hypocrisy
  18. i thought you guys were non-interventionalists.

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